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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Mar 18

Our topic this week was traditional corporal punishment scenes. Here are your thoughts.

Sarah Thorne: Yes, they do appeal to me. I guess the reason is because it feels/appears more realistic than something staged to be primarily sexually focused.

Dave: Definitely yes. I grew up on a farm in the 1950's. Traditional corporal punishment scenes bring back memories of actual spankings that my peers and I received as a matter of course in life in school and at home.

Joeyred: Absolutely. I have read The Punishment Book. It contains many traditional corporal punishment stories and I enjoyed all of them. I am developing a scene for my visit to St. Margaret's Academy in April that will involve the punishment of two ladies and me for transgressions committed by us. It will involve a punishment referral several hours before the scene and a group punishment.

RG (Hubby of Sarah Thorne): Traditional corporal punishment scenes are, for me, the most appealing.

Why is a more difficult answer, but my sense of things is that it's a combination of two things: 1) I subscribe to the 'hardwired' theory that for many of us our fascination with spanking is somehow genetically embedded in us, and 2) my real exposure to spanking (to 'trigger' the predisposition into activity) was paddling at school.

I grew up in an era when it was the generally accepted form of correction, and so it was not much less than a daily occurrence for someone in some classroom. And while I would work to suppress the outward expression, when it happened to someone I was ardently fascinated. I think that it probably shaped the future direction of the kink. Further (and perhaps also an effect of that first shaping), I do not associate spanking with sexual connotations or situations. For me, it wraps around aspects like family and school guidance and discipline, and the deeper connotations of those in raising someone to be a better person, both for themselves and their families, and for society. It ties into the sense of justice and the separation of right and wrong.

Finally, when we consider how we dabble around with it as adults in the scene, it all ultimately funnels into the fact that the scenes that I like most, perhaps exclusively, are pretty much all traditional domestic and school oriented situations.

It's great to hear from you, RG. I was a big fan of the Z&G blog.

Ana: Yes. :) I think explaining why is as difficult as explaining why someone prefers nuts or not. However, I probably like traditional corporal punishment scenes for many of the same reasons as RG. School is big for me and spanking isn't sexual. I think there's something selfless and almost noble about a disciplinarian who gives guidance without the benefit of a sexual relationship.

David: It was an everyday occurrence in our class. A forgotten homework, gymgear, or woodwork apron brought a whacking from various implements. One teacher would write OXO on his paddle in chalk so that for the rest of the day everyone in school would know you had been whacked because you sported this mark on the seat of your trousers.

D: Yes and no. Yes, if my Susan dresses in a school uniform, pleated skirt, white shirt with tie, black knickers and stockings etc., and bends over for a sound slippering on her ripe bottom. It's a big turn on for me, and I hope for her, but she is of a certain age. Spanking of real school girls, is firmly no, no, and no turn on for either of us.

Fred Bloggs: Not for me. My school days were in the 1960s and early 1970s when corporal punishment was a regular feature. It's just a big turn off.

Country Spanker: Without a doubt, as to why I have not got the foggiest idea.

Anon: Traditional discipline role play is not part of our paddling episodes. Those are based on current actions. I may have discovered my corporal interests from a traditional situation. In high school, I received six swats from a tall athletic female teacher. Our rule at home was three for one. I was fearful of 18 from my dad's paddle. I lied about both the paddling and the number of swats. Caught in those lies gave me an extra set for each. That episode created an interest in corporal punishment that is still burning my bottom forty years later.

Respecting Mistress: I embrace traditional methods in terms of the formality and ritual of scholastic-style punishments. I like the apprehension, knowing that there's an allotted time for the appointment, the dress code, the lecture, the act of baring the bottom, and the un-erring delivery of the punishment. Everything adds to a much more profound corrective measure than a cold, on-the-spot whacking which neither party has the time to consider.

Hermione: Yes, they push all the right buttons for me. Not so much the uniform, just the idea and the ritual.

It isn't something that's a part of our play, but it's the type of spanking literature I prefer.

Six of the Best: The traditional spanking scenes, such as business, school-girls, uniform, or domestic naughtiness, are my favorites. I find such pleasurable scenes turn me on.

Prefectdt: Yes, I like them, especially school and military scenes. I like the formality of an oft repeated ceremony and the sense of ritual, that these play acts have.

Spanky: These scenes push my buttons too, especially when school uniforms are involved. There's just something special about plaid skirts and stockings for me.

Lea: Sometimes. If I'm in the right headspace for that, it can be a fun roleplay. But corporal punishment often involves canes and canes are just mean! :-(

Poppy: I am totally of two minds about them. I love it being me, being the girl who is finally held to account, but struggle with that when it is so intense. The uniform, the authority, the stern punishment all are key themes for me.

I think as times goes on and I become more confident in my ability to take a caning (I struggle if it is too hard), then these scenes will be fully explored. I blush to think of it.

Loki_Darksong: Yes, these scenes do appeal to me. This has been the case as far back as I can remember. I have always had a fascination with such scenes. I have collected clips and stories regarding this type of scenario from all over the Net.

There is an appeal to the structure and protocol associated with traditional scenes. They are no nonsense from the beginning to end and there is no mistaking them for an erotic substitute. Such scenes are excellent if one desires some form of a cathartic release. They invoke an emotional response that is both frightening and seductive. It's almost like taking a ride on a roller coaster or watching a horror film.

Reece Seever: We do not do role playing, so a "scene" per se is not involved in our relationship. But, traditional corporate punishment is closely related to what we are trying to do with DD. When we were beginning and trying to get comfortable with DD and its upsetting of our traditional gender roles, the formality of traditional corporal punishment helped. Conventions such as lists of spankable offenses, allocating a number of swats per offense, having to present oneself for punishment at the ordered time, and using a traditional wooden school paddle all added to what we were trying to do. We sought to place Anne in charge and subjecting me to her authority. And, yes, thinking about the traditional corporal punishment scenarios gives me the same butterflies in my stomach that I got on those occasions when I had to make the long march to the principal's office after misbehaving in class.

R Humphries: Being a veteran of the last Great British cane generation, the many disciplinary rituals that surrounded the corporal punishments I observed/encountered during the late-sixties and early-seventies augmented my burgeoning youthful interest in all things spanking. Those early experiences doubtless fashioned my life-long interest in the more theatrical and ritualistic aspects of theme-plays and my particular predilection for women dressed in uniforms. Fortunately, MBJ is of a creative bent and has always been kind enough to accommodate and indulge my fancies. At Chez Humphries, ‘Whops and Clobber’ rule OK!

Riley: I used to think that the traditional scene would turn me on, but for some reason, it actually doesn't! It feels a little forced to me. I'm not much of a role player in general, though, and very much a realist. I like to play the role of "myself." :)

Daisy: NO, because the traditional corporal punishment scene conjures up caning. Canes, (sometimes even reading about caning,) cause me anxiety, and even panic attacks. They make me feel sick in my stomach. They are an absolute no-no in my life.

Bonnie: Randy and I both find these sorts of scenes appealing. We have several favorite variations to which we return periodically. As many others have observed, we are from the generation that experienced, directly or indirectly, corporal punishment in school.

Unlike a lot of the others, however, these corporal punishment scenes had (and still have) a sexual context for me. I recall lying in my bed at night recounting my friend Annette's detailed description of her four swat paddling at school. At my urging, she shared every nuance of the ritual.

I so wished there were a way I could know exactly how that felt without having to be in trouble. It was a turn-on to imagine myself as the apologetic miscreant subject to that evil wooden board and the embarrassment that goes with the whole school finding out. These feelings remain an erotic touchstone even today.

Thanks to everyone who joined in our brunch discussion!

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kiwigirliegirl said...

I started out with spanking as just role play - a bit of foreplay before sex...but the scene was also about a naughty school girl getting into trouble.
My desire has now developed as Ive gotten older and know myself better. And yes traditional corporal punishment is what i crave - the more real the better.
Though I do like the odd little play session too :D

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