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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Feb 19

Our topic this week was the duration of a spanking. Here are your thoughts.

Sublime Wifey: I've never really thought about the time that a spanking takes. I think my longest spanking might have been one of the first I ever received, mostly because this was new and my husband was taking his time. He was worried, nervous, but enjoying it all the same. It was only ten or fifteen barehanded swats with lots of wait time in between.

On the other hand, the most spanks I ever received -100 quick wrist-flicking swats with a wooden spoon - didn't take long at all. There were ten sets of ten with short breaks in between to check his work. All this to say time disappears during a spanking. It's just about the count and the sensation and even that becomes relative. I have no idea how long a spanking takes or if longer ones are more effective. I do know that each time I've been spanked it's been just the right amount.

The VBB: The average discipline spanking last about twenty minutes. That includes scolding, the actual spanking, breaks to change implements, additional scolding and the final "lets finish this up" spanking. If it's a play spanking, it can last between ten minutes to thirty minutes depending how she feels or how playful she is. Sometimes she gets so involved in the play spanking that she looses all sense of time and just keeps on going until she gets tired.

Enzo and Charlotte: I think that in a spanking session, the time is not important. Most depend upon the pleasure of the Master and the submission of the slave.

A good spankee is more receptive to long sessions. My wife and I, for example, play at spanking for a couple of hours. But when she deserves a severe punishment, the time of the session is less and the outcome more painful.

Hermione: I find it difficult to remember to look at the clock both before and after a spanking, but our sessions last anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. The longer the better, as far as I am concerned.

Spankings are shorter when they are a prelude to other erotic activities. The longer ones are for stress relief or for fun, and they tend to go on longer if we have a generous assortment of implements to use.

Elysia: How long does your average spanking last? I would say fifteen minutes to a half hour, from announcement to completion. That does not include cuddles and aftercare.

What's the longest time you've ever spanked or been spanked? Likely it was close to an hour, with breaks in between. This when we had the house to ourselves. Like Hermoine, I don't look at the clock. LOL I'm just guessing.

Is a longer spanking generally more effective? Longer spankings are punishment or erotic. Obviously, they have different purposes. LOL H changes to implements for a punishment: Hand, leather paddle, wooden paddle and sometimes back through them again. And erotic spanking is just drawn out because of interspersed other activities. LOL

On those occasions when a spanking continues longer than usual, what are the reasons? Punishment. They are harder, and longer. H often begins spanking hard, changing implements, taking a break, having me stand up and sometimes go back over for more. It can take time to make sure he's done his job properly.

Reece Seever: All of our sessions are for discipline/punishment. While the seem to last forever, in reality, the spanking itself probably lasts 5 minutes.

Welcome back, Reece!

Joan: It's one of those events where time goes relative and wonky. I couldn't even tell you.

OldFashionedGirl: I must find the stopwatch function on my phone. Actually, times vary. A quickie when the kids are out has to be just that, a minute or two and that's it.

More memorable sessions have lasted an hour or so if you set that stopwatch running when the warning finger was shaken in my direction and turned it off as the corner time ended.

Penelope: Joan puts it just right for me – "time goes relative and wonky." I've been spanked countless times and I really couldn't guess what the average duration was. Just generally “pretty long,” as my wonderful better half understands that I can never get enough. Bless him.

Prefectdt: How long does your average spanking last? – I prefer longer spankings, at least a half hour and normally an hour.

What's the longest time you've ever spanked or been spanked? – It was not continuous and there was a lot of two person am dram between the actual spankings, but it was over an afternoon and an evening. I would guess it took about nine hours.

Is a longer spanking generally more effective? – Yes, the longer the play, the higher I fly. :)

On those occasions when a spanking continues longer than usual, what are the reasons? – Usually time is available for both parties and we have a good place to play.

Daisy: How about early morning until late at night? One day, Davey decided to give me a maintenance spanking. I got 100 swats EVERY HALF HOUR, throughout the day! I posted the whole story on my blog.

D :Time does not come into it, as the rate of spanking can vary from slow to fast, so it is up to me to decide when S and her lovely bottom have been spanked enough to meet her needs, and mine, and this can vary a lot!

S: My longest spanking was when I was in for one, and I rashly said, "Bet you can't make me ask you to stop." D smiled and replied, "Oh, yes I can." In a moment, I was bare bottomed and over his knee, with my hands tied to the legs of the chair to stop me bouncing up. Then his broad palm started spanking down onto my tight bottom, hard and steadily. On and on it went, I don't know how long, but my bottom was soon burning and smarting, and felt twice its usual size. I would have loved to beg for mercy, but I was determined to stick it out, and stayed squirming and yelling across D's lap.

At last, it must have been twenty minutes in, he paused. "I think my palm stings more than you bottom. Susan?" He reached out for a wooden hair brush, and down that came onto my now super tender cheeks. Five was enough."Stop David please, that's enough, you win." He helped me up. My bottom really hurt, but I also felt very randy. There was no way could I lie down, so had to bend over again for a memorable rogering.

Luckily the next day was Sunday, so there was no work which was just as well, as there was no way could I sit, and I was tender for several days after that.

Respecting Mistress: Like Reece Seever, our sessions are purely punishment. Mistress tends to cane me in batches of twelve with a short break of no more than 30 seconds between batches. She normally give me 36 maximum and then I'm released from the bench to continue my chores. Sometimes, though, I can go over that bench several times in a day.

Before we adopted our DD lifestyle, our more “playful sessions” used to last all evening, using straps, paddles, a crop and canes, but I never received any one implement for longer than a couple of minutes. It's a really tough question because, like others have noted, it seems like you're bent over for ages. In fact, 36 strokes of the cane, with ten seconds between strokes takes only about seven minutes. When you think about the incredible roller-coaster of emotions you go through during that time, it's amazing.

Ronnie: It depends on the type of spankings. It can be a quick OTK session lasting five minutes to a longer spanking lasting thirty minutes or more. The longer, the better, I say.

Tenth Muse Top: I would say that, rather like sex, the length of the spanking depends on whether it is a 'quickie,' a prolonged session, a semi-serious 'correction' or just an adventure! So it takes between a few minutes and, er, a couple of days, with the usual breaks for food, making love and dozing in between! And in that sense, the longer the better!

I'm a Top, but my partner's pleasure and her responses are essential to my pleasure, so consent is my guide in the end. I may take her to the limit, or tease her below what she wants, to nearly the point of rebellion - so long as she is still with me - variety is the spice of life!

And every now and then, she turns the tables on me and then, not being that great at being on the other end, boy is my teasing brought home to, erm, roast! LOL

morningstar: I would say that the "average" spanking session for us runs anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes. I do know that the tick tock of a clock is not what makes a session effective or good. Sometimes the endorphins kick in quickly. Other times, not so much so. The endorphins - for me - are what make a session effective.

As for how effective a longer session is, I can say that there is such a thing as TOO long. A couple of summers ago, my partner (at the time) and myself agreed to do a spanking demo. The arrangement was thirty minutes on and thirty minutes off.

Unfortunately, the other couple never showed up. As a result, the spanking demo went on for just over two hours. At the end, I was not coherent. In fact, I couldn't form sentences. My body was shaking and my sugar dropped dangerously low. I can honestly say there is such a thing as too long a session and I will never allow myself to be put into that kind of situation again.

A'marie: Hurrah. :D

I don't know that I have an average, but something akin to ten minutes. The longest has probably been about twenty minutes.

Effective? I'm not sure, I think more experimenting is called for. ;) As to being extended, I have always been the one to indicate a spanking is over. If that were ever to change, it would probably be my mouth that extended the time frame.

Thanks, A'marie, for proposing this excellent question.

Lea: This is a very interesting question and coincidentally something I was just discussing with a friend. I never quite know how to end a scene. The top usually does it. As someone with remarkable marking abilities and a somewhat low pain tolerance, my spankings don't usually NEED to be too long to get the point across.

If I had to guess I'd say they are usually five to ten minutes, but I'm not exactly timing them. Playful ones are definitely shorter than disciplinary ones. Those can be longer, but not just for the spanking itself, there are often breaks for corner time or where I'm being lectured, and things like that.

Bonnie: I agree with everyone who said that the ideal length depends upon the purpose and situation. On some occasions, we've spanked on and off all day long and not felt saturated. Other times, two minutes full go with the wicked wooden bathbrush leaves me ready to run for cover. A resourceful spanker considers these factors and adjusts the technique accordingly.

Thanks, everyone, for joining our brunch conversation. I hope to see you again next weekend!

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Great posts and awesome answers. For us it varies, depending on time, privacy, and the state that i get into. I prefer longer less hadr spankings, less hard the longer i can go. Last night was hard and fast and lasted probably 15 minutes but we had breaks in between.

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