Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Sept 18

Our question this week was whether spankings induce greater compliance. Here are your very interesting responses.

Hermione: After a spanking, I feel very mellow and submissive. I'm very eager to comply with whatever requests my husband makes.

Daisy: Oh, yes, definitely. I am far less likely to do anything wrong just after a spanking. My darling husband proved early on that the fact my bottom is all shades of red known to man, will not create any sympathy in him. He will start over if I do!

I am usually VERY compliant and amenable and very keen to obey to prove that I don't need further correction!

Ronnie: Oh yes, I'm very compliant after my spanking. Whatever is requested, I'm more than happy to oblige.

Melody: LOL! Am I the only "pouter" among spanked wives? I am submissive and very obedient and respectful after, but I tend to pout a bit. I don't know whether this is my stubborn pride or what, but I'm a little miffed after a good spanking. Master could care less. So if I annoy Him with my pity-party for too long, He will, as Daisy commented, "start over," and with renewed enthusiasm and energy. :)

I think they enjoy tanning our butts. Sympathy? What sympathy? Roflmao

Six of the Best: I believe satisfied contentment by both mutual parties seems to be in order after a spanking is given.

Kitty: Yes, a spanking makes me feel VERY submissive to Daddy:)!

Poppy: This is 100% true for me. Afterward, I am not just compliant but also observant. I just want to please him and will look for ways to do that.

The only issue would be when I haven't been spanked enough and that can be really quite difficult. But he can sort that out quite quickly. ;)

Sandy: I'm often compliant, particularly if I feel submissive to the top. But if it's a "friendly" spanking (i.e., at a party), I'll usually go right back into my pre-spanking head space and I'll be laughing and probably bantering as I always do. I might be giddy from the endorphins, however.

It's always great to hear from you, Sandy!

Jean Marie: Yes indeedy. I am compliant, submissive, and in the mood for just about anything. I'd been hesitant to try anal intercourse until my tricky boyfriend paddled the heck out of me. It was phenomenal, and has been the 8 zillion times since.

Gracie: It depends upon a lot of factors for me. Sometimes, a spanking will make me a bit more bratty, but I also do frequently feel more submissive afterwards, especially when he's spanking me regularly.

Oatmeal Girl: What my Master the sadist observes after any application of pain, be it a spanking or the slightest pinch of my nipple, is how much softer I am.

Physically softer.
More yielding.
My mouth.
My belly.
All resistant tension is gone.
Everything is soft.
He loves it.

Duality: It probably depends upon the spanking I give. If it's light, she will be more playful than submissive. If it's medium intensity, she will be very submissive and pliable. And if it's a hard one, it tends to leave us both feeling emotionally drained. So she probably is more submissive under that category, but I'm just usually not in a head space to do anything with it.

Michael M: After any sort of spanking, I am a very compliant person and I am willing to do anything my wife suggests. My head is cleared of problems for a few hours and all is well with the world.

Respecting Mistress: Definitely. This is when I'm at my most submissive, very contrite, very obedient and I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.

S: When I unbend and my bottom untightens, I do anything I am told. That's better than having to bend over again for further spanking on my oh-so-tender backside, which will happen if I don't comply. All of my three apertures are available to D. Two I like, but one is not so keen. But it's there if he wants it.

Scunge: After processing for a while, I think it depends. Mostly, I'm happier, but sometimes I find I'm resentful. In this case, we talk instead of spanking more.

Poured Out: I have never been spanked to induce compliance to Sir. My spankings are just part of our play, to which I am always very willingly compliant!

Emanuele: You would think so, but I think that it depends on the spanking. A dozen with a riding crop and I was very compliant. Just for the record, I always enjoy reading the comments even if I have nothing to add.

Molly: This is a really interesting question and one I have spent a while thinking about today. I even asked my Dom for his view. He also said he would need to think about it fully to give an answer.

I would say that after a spanking, I am much calmer in myself and my attitude. This makes me more docile and probably more compliant. If the spanking has been intense and pushed me into that really floaty space though, I think my compliance is probably stronger but my ability to physically act can be impaired. At those times, it can be necessary for me to crash out and recover myself. He is well aware of this 'place' I can get into. He would not expect me to be able to respond appropriately when I am like that. He knows I need a cuddle... LOL

Prefectdt: It seems to depend a lot upon how the spanker acts and what they say during the spanking. There have been times when someone has clicked all my psychological buttons and it has been difficult returning to independent thinking after a spanking.

Kiwi Girlie Girl: Hell yes, I'm extremely compliant, respectful, happy, content and happy to do anything. We tend to cuddle afterward and he makes sure I'm OK and then anything can happen. I love those feelings.

Bonnie: I've pretty much already tipped off my answer in posing the question. When my bottom is glowing, I am very compliant.

The context is worth sharing. Randy and I had a conversation last weekend. He wanted to visit a restaurant whose cuisine I don't prefer. When I reminded him of my dislike for this type of food, he asked me whether I would like it any better if he paddled me beforehand. No, I told him, but I'd take the paddling if I could get out of going to that restaurant. That was the point when he suggested that after a spanking, I was much easier to convince.

There was a spanking, but we went somewhere else for dinner. Because Randy accepted my offer, the original premise was not tested. That's why I brought it to brunch.

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your wisdom and experience!


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Dragon's Rose said...

It doesn’t matter whether it is at home or at a party. I usually feel very submissive after a spanking or flogging. If it is a punishment spanking and he stops too soon, I am not submissive at all. Dragon has to finish the job he started. After the second more sever spanking, I am very submissive.

spankedfarmerswife said...

This is interesting and I missed it, so I will answer here.

Spankings have always induced compliance in me. It also provides me with a peaceful feeling of being loved and taken care of, of DH caring enough to take the time to set me back on track. It works for us very well, and I would have it no other way.

If I feel misunderstood, I may not achieve this peace. In that case, though, DH is pretty good about listening to me to find out why exactly I may be having the issues I am.


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