Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Apr 10

Our topic of the week was wedgie spankings. Here are your reactions.

Curtis: We do it often in party situations where there's a limitation on time, spanking are mostly for fun and you can get at the area needing attention easily. But I don't do it in a way that makes my partner uncomfortable.

Raven Red: I have never experienced a wedgie spanking. Uncle Nick is quite adamant that all will be bared with everything removed. I think he realises that although it's irrational, I experience the total removal of knickers as the last defense being removed.

Respecting Mistress: Mistress normally punishes my naked bottom and rarely across her knee. However, there have been some occasions where I've been wearing some silky panties we bought from 'Panties For Men' and rather than pull them down during a paddling, Mistress has yanked them up tight between my cheeks. In all honesty, I prefer the intimate moment of Mistress peeling my panties down rather than giving me a wedgie!

Ms Scarlett: I've never experienced a wedgie spanking. I normally add panties to my spanking outfits to have to remove them. Master has a no panty rule as my standard. We will experiment I am sure.

When I spank my slave, he usually has a bare bottom already. I think this will definitely be used on slave, and soon! It could be rather uncomfortable and another quick reminder of his place!

Cedeno Gems: Ha! He doesn't do that very often, but it has happened. I don't really like it. It's not that it's uncomfortable exactly, it's more that my balloon was popped thinking I got off getting a bare spanking. When I ask to leave my panties on, he finds it highly clever to say “sure” and then pull them up to spank me bare! Meanie!

Emily Winters: I have to agree with Raven and Ms Scarlett. We are a no knickers allowed sort of household! However, there have been times when they are donned simply for the pleasure of removing them, and fairly quickly.

So, I have never had a wedgie spanking, per se. But this does bring back a certain memory of having my thong yanked up from the back of my jeans by an irritated man who could not believe I was wearing either item of clothing!

Hermione: I've never experienced one because I usually start out bare, but you've given me an idea for some interesting variety.

I did see it done once on TV, in an episode of the now defunct program, Kink. A dominatrix was showing her newbie pupil how to administer a flogging, and the male submissive wore briefs to preserve his modesty for the television camera. But the garment was pulled up high to expose as much of each cheek as possible.

Emanuele Lombardi: I can't say that I have ever done that. I have seen it and it looks as effective as it does leave the butt bare. I would have to say though there is something about lowering that last layer of protection that really appeals to me personally.

Uncle Nick: I once spanked a girl who was wearing a thong. When I tried to pull it down, she screamed blue murder even though it gave her no protection at all. When I pointed this lack of protection to her she agreed with alacrity that this was the case. Then I said that since they gave her no protection, they might as well come down – which they did.

You should have heard her yell!

Michelle Carlyle: No wedgies for me. If you're gonna spank me, do it right! Of course, my Hubby is large enough to lift me up and drag the panties down. Okay, now I'm horny. If you will excuse me...

Tender Bottomed Girl: I've never had a wedgie spanking. G believes in bare bottom spankings and any panties I'm wearing are quickly discarded.

Annapurna: I start bare, stay bare, and end bare. There's no wedgie issue for me!

Lizzie: Done right, I can enjoy a wedgie spanking (there are, unfortunately, ways that this can be done "wrong", at least to my thinking). I wouldn't go so far as to say that I prefer it, but there are certainly times when it works well or is nice for variety.

In a public play situation, such as at parties, this can be particularly effective at keeping away the creepers (who only want to see my naughty bits) while keeping up the intensity of the scene. I like a Top who is thoughtful that way.

Todd and Suzy: This is pretty common at spanking parties, and we've both experienced it there (from different sides of the wedgie, LOL). It allows for a bare bottom feel while still providing some modesty. Here at home though, it's pretty rare. The pulling down of the panties is a delicious moment that we both enjoy too much to skip. The exception is the playful wedgie, done before panties do come off. They do always come off too!

Neither one of us is a fan of a "thong spanking" though, and the wedgie is closer than a kissing cousin to the thong. So, yep, it's pretty rare outside of a party.

This is She: I have experienced the wedgie spanking, and I love it! It's not necessarily a 'regular' thing. It really just depends on him and the situation.

OnHerKnee: We've gotten away from the traditional over clothing/over panties or undies aspect of warm-up/build-up. We now favor the more advanced or perhaps lazy method of "Yeah, we both know how it's going to go, so get'em to the floor before you climb over." We then just jump into the regular measured ration of fondle or warm-up to suit the occasion.

Perhaps a return to the more formal "You'll have more to remember" methods could offer some variety. We'll have to consider it...

But I think that might be better be suited to preplanned spankings. It might not be well suited to the more frequent “We're alone, lets get your ass hot and sore” events.

The idea of a wedgie spanking could be completely different in method and meaningfulness depending upon which gender is laying over.

Pink: I love the wedgie spanking. I love it when he uses my panties as a handle to maneuver me around his lap. It's embarrassing. It's uncomfortable. And nothing makes me want to take my panties down more.

Rich Person: As a spanker, I agree that it makes a good handle. I'm surprised that no one has commented on how it might stimulate the spankee (in addition to the spanking). I would have thought that that would be worth at least an extra wiggle.

Dr. Ken: I like to start a spanking over a woman's clothing, then the skirt goes up or the jeans go down and I warm the seat of her panties for a while before proceeding to bare bottom (the "real spanking").

During the panty-spanking portion, I employ a technique that I guess we can call the "half-wedgie." Elastic being the wonderful thing that it is, I will take the left leg band and pull that up exposing the left cheek. I'll apply some brisk spanks to the exposed area, do some soothing rubbing, spank some more, and then make a big deal out of putting the leg band back down into it's proper position, smoothing the fabric, etc. Then I'll take the right leg band , pull it up, and repeat the process on the other side.

I'll give her bottom a few swats that way, and then I'll go for the "full wedgie".

For what it's worth, no lady has complained yet!

Michael: Yes, I have used the wedgie for spanking naughty and not so naughty girls. With Season, I use different methods depending on the situation. Sometimes, I start over panties and then either remove them or give her that wedgie. Other times, I start on the bare. I like to be spontaneous in how, why and when I spank her, so I mix things up. Season never knows what to expect. It makes a wonderful experience so much more special.

Our Bottoms Burn: With the right style of panties, the cheeks are exposed, so no wedgie is needed. Bacall normally has on panties for her spankings. I spank the lower cheeks. Near the end, I take them off.

Daisy: YUK! I would hate that! I wear thongs all the time and they are so comfy! But the thought of pulling them up tight between the cheeks? Well, it would detract from the spanking, as it would feel like a cheese wire! NO THANKS!

Having said that, it is unlikely to happen, as Davey never starts a spanking until I am naked. LOL

Bonnie: I'm a little surprised by how few positive responses were reported. The wedgie spanking is one of Randy's favorite techniques. I experience it at some point during at least half of my spankings. There was a time when I might have groused about it, but now it's simply part of spankings at our house.

He claims that it's simply easier and faster to pull up than pull down. Given my hips, I believe he's probably right.

I think this wedgie thing is part of Randy's panty interest I've discussed before. He loves when I wear cute little bikinis and similar styles that carve diagonal lines across my cheeks. Those same panties are trivial to slide upward during a spanking to expose my bare flesh to his hand, paddle, or hairbrush.

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your thoughts about wedgie spankings. I hope you will join us again next week!

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