Wednesday, April 07, 2010

In with the New: World's A-Bloomin' Edition

Listed below, for your reading pleasure, is an excellent group of fifteen new spanking-oriented blogs. I invite you to visit these members of our community and welcome them with your supportive comments.

A Daddy and His Baby Girl
Assume the Position
British Spanking Magazines
Cameron Dawn
Die Starke Frau
It's My Turn
London Spank Daddy's Blog
Old Fashioned and Traditional Girl
Over His Knee
Sensualspanker's Blog
The Punishment Book - Diary of a Strict Disciplinarian
The Renewed Wife
The Sweetness of Sugar
Trouble Books

We wish you all wonderful success and lots of involved readers!


Baby Girl said...

Thank you so much for your support, Bonnie! :) We really appreciate it!

All our best for continued success (and spanking!)...

Take care,
Baby Girl :)

Doonstar said...

Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with the blog title 'A daddy and his baby girl'?

No problem with the content - as Johnny Cash said, 'Do what you want to do ,live how you want to live,' - but the blog's name, wrong in so may ways. Sends an implicit message( and I'm sure unintended) message ripe for misunderstanding and has frankly creepy implications.

Consensual spanking is for adults and nothing whatever to do with children.


Heather B said...

I just came across your blog recently, so I haven't had a chance to read all of *your* posts... but thanks for the list. Sometimes I have trouble finding the kinds of blogs I'm looking for. Great idea! :)

Bonnie said...

BG - You're very welcome! I hope you get lots of friendly guests.

Doonstar - My policy has always been to not link blogs that discuss the spanking of children, be they real or imaginary, past or present. In this case, however, the people involved are clearly consenting adults.

This particular style of ageplay is not my kink, but that's not a requirement for a link from MBS. Based upon feedback from my readers, I believe that Baby Girl's spanking content will appeal to a significant segment.

Heather - Welcome to MBS! I hope you'll feel free to look around and join the conversation whenever you feel comfortable doing so.

lawyer said...

Thanks for mentioning my new blog "diestarkefrau". I am kind of overwhelmed with the nice feedback I get.

The whole domestic discipline world is new to me and I am astonished how many men are out there who are looking for a dominant women. I mean for me,being a dominant women, this is just great. Never befor in my whole life have I received so many compliments in such a short time. ;-)

Daddy said...

I always find it amusing when someone on a kink site says, in effect, "My kink is great. But that other person's kink is awful. We should discourage it." Seriously?

Doonstar, if you took 10 seconds to look at our site, you'd see that, as Bonnie notes above, we're consenting adults.

The short form is, if you want people to be tolerant of your kinks, then be tolerant of theirs. That doesn't include anything non-consensual, of course, and by definition minors can't give their consent to sex. But again, we're not minors.

-- Daddy

Doonstar said...

I did take a considerable time looking at your site. If you'd been as assiduous in reading my initial comment you'd understand it was the title I took issue with, not the content - it's called free speech

Daddy said...

Doonstar, with all due respect, to say that you have "no problem with the content" -- which is about our relationship dynamic, and that has a strong streak of Daddy/baby girl in it -- and then to say that our title "A Daddy and His Baby Girl" has "creepy implications" seems incoherent to me.

Either you're accepting -- not approving, but accepting -- of what we do or you're not. If you are, then you might withdraw the "creepy implications" comment. If you're not, then you might withdraw the "no problem with the content" remark.

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