Thursday, January 01, 2009

In with the New: Ringing in 2009 Edition

Happy New Year everyone! How better to greet 2009 than with a fresh dozen new spanking-oriented blogs?

A New Beginning
Brand Spankin' New
Far East Spankings
His Storm's Blog
Kathleen's Correction
Lil Sam's
Old Fashion Girl Spanking
Purple Woman
Suzy Spanking Union
The Secret Life of Andrades Girl
21 Swats

I encourage MBS readers to visit these blogs and pay your respects in the form of comments. No one wants to bare their soul to the world only to be met with deafening silence. But that's how it feels for many beginning bloggers. Your one supportive comment at the right moment really can mean the difference between a successful blog and an abandoned effort.

To these newest members of our community, I bid you welcome. You are among friends. I sincerely hope that your blogs will enjoy a long and successful run!

Have I somehow missed a really good spanking-oriented blog? If so, I hope you'll enlighten me with a comment or an e-mail.


ronnie said...

Happy New Year Bonnie.

Lovely thanks, will stop by and say hello.


lil sam said...

Bonnie thank you for such a warm welcome to all of us newbies. Speaking for myself, I have recieved alot of support and encouragement from spanking community. I found my very first post very difficult,and frighting. Afraid I would be ridaculed and put down. I was not prepared for the warm response I recieved from so many wonderful people. Thankyou every one, and especially you Bonnie and you Hermione


Happy New Year. Thanks for the new links :-)


Daisychain said...

I never dreamed I would start a blog! I thought I was brave just commenting on blogs...first as "anonymous", terrified I would be tracked down somehow....then I put a name to my comments....then I became an active participant in others blogs...then, after a blog by a lovely lady (Cassie, of Cassiesspace) seemed closed to all but invited guests, I accidentally, while trying to get into it, found myself on a page to start a blog!!! And here I am, not only with a blog, but one endorsed by my heroine, Bonnie! Does it get any better than this?
Thank you, Bonnie. And thank you to all those of you who have been to my blog and made comments of encouragement. Hugs, and a wonderful new year to you all! xxxxxxxx

Spanker_in_Asia said...

Thanks for linking to my blog! Ahh, the wonderful, scary world of spanking blogging.

Matt said...

Thank you for the link. I have enjoyed and found helpful many other blogs and felt like I should contribute something too. Blogs are directly responsible for helping me communicate with my wife about my desires, and making the last 2 months of 2008 the best and most fun of our entire marriage.

Thanks for all you other bloggers do!

p.s. The word verification I have to type in is "mastr" :-)

Spanked Italian Gal said...

Happy New Year Bonnie. Sorry so late commenting. Love your blog I always read but must do better at commenting.
I Gal

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including me in you list of new blogs! Every day that I Post on my blog or comment on my favorite blogs (that list is growing day by day!). I consider myself blessed. I have grown so much since I started my blog. It's changed my marriage and my outlook on life. And Bonnie your blog was a big part of how we (my husband and I) have started our spanking journey. Your tutorials were so helpful. My husband read them all in one night! And you approach this very serious subject with a light hearted touch, which I found particularly helpful.
Thank you so much Bonnie
Take care,
Andrades Girl

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks for the mention Bonnie, love OldFashionGirl.

Dave said...

Happy '09!

Thx for sharing this great list of blogs..all of these, except one I think, are totally new to me.


Mina said...

Bonnie, thanks for sharing some great links. Happy New Year to you and Ron.


Bonnie said...

Ronnie - You're certainly welcome. Happy New year to you as well.

Lil Sam - We know it can be scary and difficult to get started, both with spanking and with blogging. This community strives to make both a little easier. We welcome new folks and old, novice and expert alike. Together, we learn, grow, and enjoy.

Prefectdt - You're very welcome! I love sharing these wonderful discoveries.

Daisy - Here you are and you're doing great. Bravo!

SIA - It's not so scary. You're among friends here. Welcome.

Matt - Congratulations on your recent success. I hope your blogging experience continues to be a positive and rewarding one.

I-Gal - Hi! You're not late. Any comment from you is always welcome.

Andrades Girl - Include you? How could I possibly leave you out? :)

May your journey of exploration bring you joy and intimacy.

Old Fashion Girl - You're most welcome!

Dave - I'm with you! Our slogan will be a pillow on every chair.

Mina - It's my pleasure.

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