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Recap: MBS Spanko Brunch for Mar 2

This week’s brunch was dedicated to sharing our blogging discoveries.

Natty: One that I probably don't visit enough, and I think others don't either, is Spanked Hortic. Blogs from switches are few and far between and his blog has such a nice variety of reviews, pictures, thoughts and other fun stuff.

A relatively new one that I hope will get plenty of traffic is Rose's By Any Other Word. There are a LOT of blogs by female bottoms, as there have been since spanking blogs came around. What I like about Rose's is that it is thoughtful, funny, and very real.

Season: Although my favorite blog is MBS, I am quite fond of Through Iris Eyes, Life in Motion, Chris' Firehouse, Spanking Minnesota, and The Spanking Writers. These blogs all have a nice blend of real life experiences and observations, good writing, fun-loving humor, and a certain quality of "spankiness."

I wonder if we'll find that tops might prefer more picture-oriented blogs because for them spanking is a more visual experience than it is for bottoms?

Greenwoman: I really love Radha Sutra.

I think The Heron Clan is the cat's meow too.

I rather like The Pagan and the Pervert too.

I think Spanked Hortic is just hysterical.

Spankful Delight is a favorite of mine too.

The Switching Hour goes through sporadic periods of no updates. But when there are posts, I enjoy the spanking stories and the D/s stories.

A Slaves' True Nature is a new blog to me, but I'm very much enjoying it so far:

*smiles* I'm glad you are doing this Brunch topic! Thanks!

The Fellatrix: I love your blog! I have lurked here for a long time and thought I would pop up for a minute. My blog, The Fellatrices has not been really spanking related until now, but by coincidence today, I put a post there proposing to start a new regular feature called "Spanko Saturday." Spanko Saturday would be like Sugasm for spankos, D/s, etc.

I already run a regular feature called "Fellatio Friday" which is fairly popular, where readers submit links to fellatio-related posts from their blogs, and my readers vote on their favorite. I am testing the water to see if there is sufficient interest to do the same for "Spanko Saturday." I encourage your readers to stop by and take a look and perhaps delurk and comment on what they think of the Spanko Saturday idea. Thanks!

Paul: I visit many blogs. The ones I think that are worthy of more attention are as follows: Jujubees' Journal, Michelle Carlyle, Motions of the Heart in E, Reesa Roberts, Strange Imagination, Taste of the Birch, Wilhelmina Dreams, and Lowewood Academy.

All except numbers 3 and 4 are exclusively spanking/erotic fiction.

Abby: I have found two young women recently that I would love to mention here. The first is CS over at The Classy Slut. She is growing into writing about spanking just beautifully, and I'm anxious to read more of her writing, if she'll continue to share it with us. Please do, CS!

The second is Mistress Tori, with whom I am also fascinated, firstly because she is a switch and secondly because spanking (and caning and such) is her business. She maintains a primary site and a diary. From what I can tell, she has an intelligent (and cute!) head on her shoulders and a love for the art of punishment in her heart.

Recidavist: A lot of blogs often just promote videos, so the ones I have the most time for are those whose writers really try to say something about their own experiences. My favorites are Janice's Strange Imagination, Connie's Dabbling in Discipline, Rose's By Any Other Word, Wilhelmina Dreams, Reece's The Receiving End, and, of course, hats off always to the monumental effort Mike puts into Spanked Hubby.

Hermione: Since I have no way of knowing how many hits this blog gets in a day, I hesitate to call it lesser known. But one of the newer blogs that I regularly visit is Devlin O'Neill's Weblog. A man with a great sense of humour and the author of many steamy spanking novels, he has also written excellent posts about implements and positions from a Top's point of view. Gwen and Michael often hijack the blog for their own messages, which adds to the variety. There are plenty of pictures and lots of posts about football during the season. There’s something for everyone!

He once wrote a very clever Harry Potter parody, which is why I sign my comments on his blog as Harmonica.

Prefectdt: Thanks Natty and Greenwoman! You two could make my head grow too big to get through doors any more.

There are two new blogs, but I think that they are getting pretty well trafficked already

Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast features a quality commenter who has now turned blogger. His blog shows a lot of promise.

Well Spanked Man is a promotional blog, but I want to see more men who with a little m who perform on screen and will tell us about it.

There are two longer running blogs worth mentioning too.

It would be nice to see more commenters at Just My Random Perverted Thoughts. I would like to comment there more often, but feel a bit creepy commenting too often when few other people are doing so.

There’s one that doesn't get updated too often, but can be so much fun when it is, especially with it's double trouble posts. The Life And Times of Spanko Roomies is one run by two American youngsters with occasional guests. It's good to see the younger generation coming up with something worth reading.

Indiana: Some of my favorites have already been mentioned, but two blogs I particularly enjoy haven't appeared, except as a comment by one of the bloggers. Both are extremely well written blogs by smart, funny, opinionated women who give us interesting commentary and excellent spanking tales. Neither is new. In fact, both date back to 2004 and thus pre-date MBS. Both are updated once or twice a week, on average, sometimes more often and sometimes less. The archives are well worth a look if you're waiting for new posts. Both bloggers take the time to respond to comments in a warm and friendly way, too.

Natty has already left a comment here. Moreover, she had some interesting things to say about punishment two brunches ago. So those who are interested should follow her link. I encourage you to read her blog as well as her posts on the Punishment Book. She stays on topic most of the time (broadly speaking -- Natty can see kinkiness in all sorts of situations), but she also writes very moving posts about her religious faith and her battle with chronic disease.

Annie's Blog may be the most eclectic spanking blog I've come across. She stopped posting for a while in 2007, as a series of RL stresses demanded her attention. She's been back since late summer of last year. Here, you can ready steamy accounts of spanking and what inevitably follows, interspersed with entries about animals, opera clips with spanking startles, RL ups and downs, and politics. She calls her blog a love song to her husband, Robert, which I think pretty much sums it up, with a dash of Molly Ivins and Dr. Doolittle thrown in for variety.

Lee: I think one of these two blogs is fairly well known, but I love them.

Lowewood Academy is an everyday must read for me. The blog is a fictional account of a mostly female boarding school (all of the "students" are over 18, of course), and all of the drama, friendships, sex, and spanking that comes with it. It’s not serious, and I'm pretty much hooked.

Fantastic Spanking is another fictional blog featuring Frank Spakowiak and his family. He recounts the spanking exploits of Frank and his wife (they both switch). This is great for me because I am also a switch.

Jean Marie: I go to Spanking Digest because I'm a member there, and I like to see my stories posted. If I'm in the mood to see other cuties' bottoms reddened, I go to two places, Cloe Elise’s Spanking Adventures and a Scandinavian site, Spanking, Sex, and other Dirty Stuff (this girl shows all her charms as she displays her most recent marks).

There is also a wonderful new blog titled My Dirty Little Secret that I discovered through MBS. She has a fresh, articulate perspective that I enjoy, too.

I'm a bottom, but all of the aforementioned sites feature female bottom's bottoms in various states of disrobed post-spanking glory. Particularly if I haven't been spanked/satisfied enough recently (and my top/lover says that I'm insatiable), seeing pictures of girls who have been tended-to pleases me.

I only go to My Bottom Smarts consistently, however. With a fetish that makes me feverish, Bonnie has a sane, rational approach.

Bonnie: Whether old friends or new, these are all wonderful recommendations. There are even some blogs listed above that I hadn’t seen before today. You can bet I will take some time this week to investigate further.

As for my choices, I am going to opt for the easy way out. Every blog and web site listed in my blogroll is there because I thought it was worthy in some respect and would be appreciated by at least a portion of regular MBS readers. All of my favorites are listed, along with many more that will develop into favorites in the future. I invite you to explore and enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who participated in today’s brunch. But more than that, I would like to add a personal thanks to all of the spanko bloggers who keep our community vibrant and endlessly interesting. I am proud to be a part of this group!


Rose said...

Oh, wow.

Thank you Natty and Recidavist for your kind mentions.

I'm so flattered. :)


The Pagan And The Pervert said...

Thanks for the kudos, folk :)

We kinda like you folks, too!

P and P

Dr. Ken said...

Oh, dear....late for brunch again!

There are two blogs which I think are worth a look. One is Cigi's World, which is already listed by Bonnie. The other is Positively Spanking, which is also on I think they're both worth keeping an eye on.

Dr. Ken,
of Spanking Minnesota

Ollie said...

After I found MBS I started to visit loads of other places, visiting far too many, and spending so much time on this that there was no time left to write spanking stories.

So I have trimmed down to just three.

Disciplined Feminist - Viv is so articulate and thoughtful, it is a pleasure to read and try to get my mind around things.

Skin Prayers - Raven links the often separated worlds of BDSM and spirituality

Strange Imagination - Janice writes about her fantasies, and ours, and the way in which they are interesting in their own right.

All very good reads

Devlin O'Neill said...

Yeah well, if Dr. Ken thinks HE'S late ... *G*

Just now looked in and saw Hermione/Harmonica's VERY kind assessment of Devlin O'Neill's Web Log - many thanks and some very strict cyber spanks to your tuneful tushy for that, young lady. ;-)

Also, Dr. Ken, though I haven't had a chance to post a public comment regarding Cigi's blog, I did add a link on our blog, and our readers are linking there. More about that anon, and look for a Very Special Post very soon.

Enough said.

Devlin out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Paul and Recidavist who mentioned my blog it is appreciated.

I missed out on this brunch due to time but would like to add a list of my regular haunts.

Strange Imagination




Stern Words

New Beginnings

To name a few and yes there are some I frequent that I don't comment at, yet.

Thanks Bonnie.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the links to other
sites, since I'm wary of visiting
unrecommended sites which often turn out to be much different than

This writer said she "often feels
creepy leaving too many comments when few others do." Me too! Why
is that?

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