Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Eight

It's time for another tour of spankoland. Each blog has its own unique flavor and culture. Every Saturday, I sample the very best and share those delightful discoveries with you.

The Spanking Writers - As the name suggests, Abel and Haron are both accomplished authors of spanking fiction. They are a married couple who live in England. TSW is a spanko blog unlike any other. Along with fine first person narratives, the blog features articles on subjects such as spanking highlights throughout history and a spanko's tour of Great Britain. Always literate and imaginative, Abel and Haron offer many delightful surprises.

Annie's Blog - Annie is a true gem. She's wise, clever, and opinionated. Annie's Blog reflects all of these qualities plus an eclecticism that is rare among spanko blogs. She shares snippets of her DD marriage with Robert. These tales can be sexy, funny, grouchy, ranting, or ironic depending upon the circumstances. She also presents funny stories and pictures from the Web and adds her wry insight. For all these reasons, Annie remains one of my favorite bloggers.

A Day in the Life - For more than two years, Grace has been churning out quality blog posts. She's a wife and mother of two who just happens to adore a good spanking. Fortunately, her Bossman is quite generous in this regard. While spanking is the most frequent topic, Grace also shares many other aspects of her life and relationship. Her posts are thoughtful and expressive. However, what I like best about ADITL is Grace's sunny outlook and gentle humor. Those alone are enough to keep me coming back.

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Abel said...

Thanks so much for your very flattering comments!

CeeCi said...

Three wonderful blogs to share today! I enjoy each and every one of them for exactly the reasons you've pointed out.

Paul said...

Very nice blogs Bonnie, thanks.

Grace said...

Bonnie, you sweetheart! You've made me blush!

Thank you so much for saying such nice things about my blog. I'm honored that you would highlight little ole' me!

You just made my day!
Thanks again,

Annie said...

Wow! Thanks, Bonnie! If I knew I was that good, I'd charge admission. Heh.

Bonnie said...

Abel - You're most welcome. I genuinely adore your blog. It's so different than the rest.

CeeCi - I really enjoy sharing these fantastic blogs with my readers. Some, like you, may already read them, but many will visit for the first time. These folks are in for a real treat.

Paul - It's my pleasure.

Grace - You're certainly welcome. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights.

Annie - You're that good. You can install the toll booth any time you like!

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